Health Tip - About Omega 9 Fatty Acids

Published Date: Thursday, August 3, 2017

Omega 9

It's oleic, elaidic, gondoinovaya, Mead, erucic, nervonic acid. According to scientists, they play a key role in maintaining stable weight. The most important with acid necessary for the synthesis of hormones and the exchange of substances in general. There are these fatty acids and other useful properties - they reduce cholesterol, enhance immunity, etc.
Which products are contained. The main source is olive oil. Plus Oil Asai and camellia sasankvy, cashew and avocado. There are Omega-9 in the meat of birds and pork.
As long as it takes. These fatty acids are not indispensable - the body can synthesize them independently. Conditional rule-1-2 tsp. The easiest thing is, of course, there is avocado and cashew to replenish Omega-9., but it's not worth it. Erucic Acid, for example, in rats, disrupts the cardiovascular system and encourages the development of the cirrhosis liver. Data on negative health effects are not yet available, but in some countries (including in Russia), it is forbidden to use mustard or canola oil with high content acid. As a matter of fact, since the scientific world met the Omega-Acid Unit, it hasn't been a hundred years. Maybe we don't know much enough to trust them.

Omega fats have another important property. They regulate fat exchange and help to lose weight. In Modern Nutritional, there is a hypothesis known as "American paradox". according to a study published in the late 90 s, the Americans consumed 11 % less fat than before. The popularity of nonfat products during this time has increased almost 3 times - from 19 % to 76 %. Seemingly, - I don't want to! However, during this very period, obesity in the country was more than a third. And a special role in this is likely to have been the fatty acid of Omega-9.