Health Tip - Enemies Of Our Skin and Prevention

Published Date: Saturday, September 2, 2017

The ageing of the skin is starting from to years. The positive side of this process is that it is only 20 % dependent on genetics. In other words, the aging process can be controlled because 80 % depends on our actions. Seven Major negative factors that hurt our skin, which should be avoided to maintain its beauty.

1. Gravity
As we remember from the school physics course, the discovery of Newton after the fall of the apple brought us not only good news.
At the age of 50, the impact of gravity affects the skin in parallel with human ageing.
There are many deformation, namely, the lower chin, the volume of the upper lip is decreasing and the lower is increasing, the skin of the century becomes weak.

2. Environmental pollution
To date, the effects of pollutants cannot be avoided.
Environmental pollution affects the skin. They destroy its structure, pollute the pores, make the skin more coarse and wrinkled, and then dehydrate and make less elastic. The main cause of desiccated and dry skin is heating in winter and sun rays in the summer.

3. Smoking
Smoking has a negative impact on the skin. Cigarette smoke limits oxygen supply, as well as various nutrients, negatively affecting the circulation of blood in the upper layers of skin, which reduces the capillaries. It then affects its colour, the skin becomes more dried and dry.
The main cause of ageing during smoking is to reduce the collagen and spread of harmful radicals in the system. When you look at the skin under a microscope, even young smokers can see small wrinkles.

4. Faces
Throughout the day, we change in our face about 15 times? This could have a significant impact on the skin and on the outside.
Scientific research suggests that skin fibers can be weakened directly to the movement of the person's muscles.
No matter what, we can't change anything. But it's worth remembering that when we smile, there are 14 muscles, and when khmurimsya is over 70. Agree, it's a good reason to smile more often!

5. Pose during sleep
The way you sleep, that's the pose, "reflection" on your face. For his life, the average person sleeps about 15-20 years and every wrinkle will be more pronounced.
People who prefer to sleep on their stomachs are at risk of getting wrinkles on their forehead, and those who give preference to sleep on their side are more likely to get wrinkles on their chin and cheeks. The main recommendation to eliminate this problem is sleep on the back.

6. Stress and lack of sleep
Sleep and constant stresses have a negative impact on your skin. Also, such factors may be the beginning for negative factors such as pigmentation, sensitivity, dry or same.
It is important to devote more time to skin recovery as well as to healthy sleep. Consequently, the main means of suppressing stress is a daily sleep in the right amount of time.

7. Sun
Dermatologists called aging due to UV, "aging". ageing by 90 % depends on the impact of sunlight. An interesting fact is that, in some cases, fotostareniye can only emerge after a decade of the influence of sunlight. In this way, it is better to be cautious about it and not to neglect the sunscreen.
The sun has a negative impact on the two most important proteins responsible for elasticity and elasticity. People who love sunbathing risk lowering the level of collagen by 20 %.
The Solar Rays can significantly worsen the skin condition, which is to slow down the cellular regeneration process, make the skin dry and dry. Based on the fact that sunlight affects the pigmentatsiyu, it can be concluded that the tone of the skin may not be uniformly.
The level of harm caused by the sun depends directly on the amount of time spent in the sun during life, as well as on your skin type.