Fitness Tip - Indian Classical Dance To Stay in Shape

Published Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Our Classicals And To Stay In Shape

As we date back to our traditional classical dancing which is something family forced as a kid to all of us in the orthodox dwelling set up as I was grown personally and now I'm as an " Dance Therapist " as well where my love and Passion would not satisfy unless with Few Minutes of Abinaya's in my Move or so as Body language 

Here I like to stretch the Importance of our Few Indian Old Traditional Classical Dances

Bharatnatyam ;

Has many mental and physical benefits.its basic stance , araimandi ( a squatting position in which one's knees are turned sideways) keeps the Torso steady and helps to master body control.also it's art form is highly beneficial for our eyes , as dancer  constantly uses them in their performance 


If some believe in colour therapy and a few others in music, it believes a few minutes of practising Kuchipudi can provide relief to patients suffering from a number of mental and physical illnesses. The Therapeutic affects of Kuchipudi dance on people since the past few years.

This therapeutic dance helped patients of spondylitis, arthritis, obesity and other health conditions to a great extent, besides many getting rid of their joint pains.

“Kuchipudi has a bit of yoga, walking, aerobics or other exercises 

Odissi ; 

The postures that the artists make during this dance performance helps tone muscles improves blood circulation and increases flexibility, this also emphasis on facial expressions which double up as facial exercises 

Kathak ; 

Is a demanding dance helps us get rid of those extra kilos and stay kathak dancers have to practice wearing heavy ankle bells , which ultimately makes for a weight bearing exercise