Health Tip - Relax and Recharge Yourself In Simple Ways

Published Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018

When you consider the busy lives that we live nowadays, the very idea of relaxation probably stresses you out. The race gets faster and more furious and so do the contenders with increasing targets and competition. In all this rush, we fail to take out some time for ourselves and our loved ones. Relaxation is essential for every human being as it helps recharge your mind and reduce stress which often hampers your productivity and creativity.

Here are a few easy and simple tricks that can help you put your mind and body at ease:

Just sit: This idea may seem a little awkward at first, but once you try it you will get into the groove of it and actually relax. Just sit back on a chair, away from all the noise and relax. Take a few deep breaths, and you will find yourself feeling calmer already. You may close your eyes or grab some earphones and listen to your favourite songs if it helps.

Hug a loved one: Hugs can be a powerful antidote to stress. Hugging just about anyone does not really help, but hugging someone who loves you and who you trust helps release a hormone called oxytocin which helps to strengthen a bond between two people. According to research, hugging helps bring down blood pressure, anxiety and stress- only if it is someone who is significant to you. Apart from that, the quality of hugs is very important as well. A casual side hug or a brief hug won’t yield you the desired results. The type of hug where two people are practically intertwined in each other’s arms for a long time is what is really needed. You will find your breath getting deeper and longer and you will relax.

Do something that is routine: There is something immensely calming about routine. It puts your mind and body in a rhythm that you are comfortable with. If sitting down doing nothing gets too boring, you can always engage yourself in certain tasks that don’t take much attention like drawing shapes or piling rocks in a line.

Exercise vigorously: Exercising in theory causes elevation in blood pressure and heart rate, but it also increases the adrenergic (cells which govern neurotransmitter responses) responses in your body. It energizes our body and helps relax our body in turn. Cardio-vascular exercises like jogging or running help clear your mind. Go out on a jog around your building everyday or take a weekend to go to a place and surround yourself with nature.

Spend time with your pet: Pet owners will probably relate to this. Hugging and caressing your pet after a long hard day at work will probably be the highlight of the entire day. The rhythm of petting and their warmth can calm your senses and probably for a moment, everything that seemed so wrong will feel right. Watching your fish swimming in the bowl can reduce the level of blood pressure.
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