Health Tip - Symptoms of Nervous Breakdown

Published Date: Friday, September 21, 2018

In prolonged intensive mental work, if you do not give a proper rest to the body, the body is exhaustion. This is expressed by constant concern, a clear sign of a nervous breakdown. If you don't give it the right attention, the human condition can be much worse.

Why is worrying
Most often the feeling of anxiety during everyday work appears in the background of a certain fear that can have a valid or perceived character:
► Fear is not able to perform monthly or quarterly plans;
► Fear to fail your colleagues;
► Fear of "screw up" obligations without succeed to finish them by the deadline.
Anxiety may not only be due to official duties - it is often caused by many factors that go into the cut with the real situation of things. When there's a desire and really want it, it's not really worth it.

Emergence of a nervous breakdown
Most people are starting to fight the manifestations of anxiety with excess optimism, increased efficiency, a keen desire to end difficult cases as soon as possible. This is happening in stressful situations when ripens the need for a reaction to physical or psychological impact.
In order to fulfill the planned plans as quickly as possible, they are essentially are - daily pereutomlâûtsâ: tired mentally and physically. Anxiety and exhaustion have a negative mutual impact, through which internal conflict is becoming a neural breakdown. And the stress is quite often manifested by another symptom - rising body temperature.

How to treat symptoms of anxiety
To prevent a breakdown in the nervous system, it is necessary to carefully deal with the situation of stress. It will be useful for you to give specific answers to the following questions:
► Actually so great danger, what do you imagine?
► What can happen real without imaginary fears if suddenly you can't handle the problem?
► That you won't be able to prove to anyone. What charge would you expect, bypass the prize, get fired from the position or go to jail?
► What's at stake? What will you eventually have to risk?
Almost always after a detailed analysis of the causes of the stress situation, everything will not be as scary as it was supposed to be at So should you be very nervous and worried? The best way to rest from mental retardation is to eliminate anxiety and prevent a breakdown. For this body need to give physical load. You don't have to go to the gym, quite fit dancing, swimming, Sports Games: Tennis, football and stuff like that.

Second stage of symptoms of nervous breakdown
When the first sign is ignored - anxiety - adverse situations continue to evolve. Permanent mental or physical exhaustion cause the decline of forces, as the whole period of the organism existed thanks to domestic resources. Now they have exhausted themselves, especially when a man continues to work without rest.
There comes a time when a man understands the situation that he has to do a lot, spending a lot of time and a significant effort. In the background of contradictions between the ones that want to perform and how it can work (although in many cases does not always work out) there are symptoms of breakdown, expressed by anger, irritability. This negative role is played by built physical fatigue.
Later, there is a bad mood because there is no energy left for optimism. There is a mental fatigue due to the oppressed condition, as well as the chronic lack of any positive emotions. The bad condition is accompanied by the following symptoms:
► Palpitations Pulse (heartbeat);
► Elevated arterial pressure;
► Predisposition to hysterics because of trifles;
► The emergence of some diseases, for example, can suddenly get a tooth sick;
► Incomplete Sleep: at night the patient often wakes up.
The specified signs of the second stage cannot be ignored. The best treatment of the disease is to choose time for full rest and relaxation.

Third stage of symptoms of breakdown
When a patient does not attach value to his condition and continues to torture himself, the following signs may appear:
► The desire to avenge the "perpetrators" of the situation;
► Deep apathy;
► Charges all and all;
► State of ugnetennosti.
To curb the prevailing conflict between the possible and desired physically overreaching person goes away. He asks that no one be worried. Others, on the contrary, to fix the situation start to be announced, seek to break everything and crush.
This stage of disease is accompanied by a oppressed appetite, although sometimes a breakdown in the nervous soil can be accompanied by bulimic (increased appetite). There are attempts to learn the truth at the bottom of the bottle (manifestation of alcoholism). When it is not possible or very difficult to get out of the condition itself, it is necessary to treat the nervous system, so it is necessary to apply for medical assistance

Treatment of nervous breakdown

The Integrated Treatment of nervous breakdown is carried out on the basis of the definition of specific reasons conducive to its development. Reactive psychosis are treated in the conditions of specialized hospitals or clinics. It is carried out by the appointment of drug therapy using tranquilizers or neuroleptics.
Since the main cause of the nervous breakdown is exhaustion, the patient needs a psihokorrekcii, after which he is sent to a sanatorium-resort treatment. It is best to be picked up by a local sanatorium, in view of the fact that climate change can become an additional stressful factor.
In all cases, a targeted psychotherapy is required, which also contributes to the prevention of a nervous breakdown. The attending doctor identifies all factors that have caused a nervous breakdown, shapes and implements a special treatment scheme aimed at adapting the sick to similar negative phenomena.