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Wishing All My Muslim Friends in India and Around the World Happy Ramadan to all 

And Do Pray Inshah Allah All Happiness Good Health Peace Harmony Universal Brotherhood and to end Civil War in all sorts of the regions and to prosper the glory of the lives 


Relationship Commitments Loveliness Responsibilities - Are the most important in shaping of One's Identity and Symbol of Perfection in Attitude Otherwise 

This indeed makes an individual ready to face the challenges in their path of life and to survive into it successfully.

But by...

Life is a journey in between so many gets in and gets off in various stages of our life 

But the fact is at the end we may have to depart alone 

Meantime Our Karma too plays a prominent role in shaping the beauty of the life 

So Kindly not harm or hurt anyone either...

Life is not always a bed of roses to everyone 
For those who are ever good at heart
In their eagerness to see that sparkle of happiness
On the faces of those around them 
They almost always end up  being misunderstood and miserable
Their only consolation in the...

Wishing Ramadan Kareem to all those celebrating the Holy Month. Prayers and blessings for all those that are celebrating the month in conflict zones and to those that have been displaced from their homes by war.

Liver plays a vital immunological properties in Hair Growth 

Let us see its role in various Organs ; 

Grey  hair and baldness
The malfunctioning of liver hinder the correct understanding of nutrients that provide the hair growth. In particular, the decline in liver function...

The liver should not be overloaded at any time if so following  signs to be notified 

They are ; 

Like many other bodies of the human body (and even more so in view of its importance), liver has high supply of strength. Nevertheless, her condition is affected by violations of diet...