Services At PMN Speciaality

Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Orthopedic - Rehabilitation Program

This programme is intended for patients with acute to chronic low back ache, Sciatica, Laminectomy, Micro disectomy, spinal fusion, Cervical spondylosis, Arthritis of all joints, Sports injury, Tendonitis, Post fracture, Inflammation of muscles, ligaments and joints, Post surgery pain and joint stiffness, Total hip/knee/shoulder replacements, Arthroscopy, Work injury, Bio mechanic evaluation, Amputations, Orthosis and Prosthesis fitting and training etc. Education and prevention program are also included.

Neurological rehabilitation program

Neurological rehabilitation program with special emphasis on Stroke Rehabilitation. Acute, recovery and chronic stroke patients, Brain injury, Spinal cord injury at all levels, Peripheral nerve injuries, Back pain with residual neurological problems, Diseases that affect the brain and spinal cord such as Parkinson's disease, Multiple sclerosis etc. Family education and caregiver training included as part of the program. Home evaluation will be done as needed as part of the care.

Rehabilitation team , Sports Medicine rehab and client base team includes Family Physician,Orthopaedic surgeon- skilled in Arthroscopy approach,Physical/Occupational/ and Speech Therapist, Special Educator,Consultant Dietitians, Sports Nutritionist,Fitness consultants, etc.,

In Home Rehabilitation services will be done as an interim service. Once client recovers he will be advised to attend our Outpatient clinic ,for more extensive services.

Community education program

Free posture advice program, which includes Identification of faulty posture, correction and prevention. Free leaflets given for prevention, identification and treatment options for stroke. Free consultation done for all problems explaining all the details and prognosis with prior appointment.

Occupational health program

A paid service provided to small and large companies, educating employees on good postures and to maintain a healthy environment at work places. Package programs available for Treatment if needed. In patient services will be provided on request at the hospitals/ Nursing home where the patient is admitted with permission from the Team. For patients who are unable to come to our out patient centre, in patient services can be provided at our contracted nursing homes. Call us for details.


Following equipments are available in our clinic: Advaced Therapeutic Laser Therapy to relieve pain,Short-wave diathermy, Ultra sound, Phonophoresis, Interferential Therapy, Muscle stimulator, Tens, Iontophoresis, Vacuum Therapy, Cervical/Lumbar Traction, Pulleys, Mariners wheel and Wax bath. For Balance and Walking activities: Balance board, Beach ball, Ramp, Stairs with rails, Parallel bar, Video gait Lab. Large space for walking activities.

Computer Generated illustrations for exercises. Air-conditioned, for quite comfortable atmosphere, & treatment areas for patient's confidentiality.